Kitchi & Kimama

Two puppies from litter “K” is looking for a new homes:

Solid build and character boy Kitchi:


and sweet look and character girl Kimama:



Puppies from litter “K”




Puppies soon will be 7 weeks old and they will start to leave home. One female and one male are still looking for their new loving home.

On the photos pups 6 weeks old:









Puppies are born :)




03.06.2012 a new generation has been born : 3 boys and 6 girls :)



The first Ira’s childbirth was efficient and pretty fast:

06:18 girl red 480 gr

07:18 boy violet 530 gr

07:33 girl green 430 gr

08:20 girl black 490 gr

08:47 girl pink 450 gr

10:34 boy orange 470 gr

11:00 girl yellow 420 gr

11:08 boy purple 340 gr

12:58 girl light blue 470 gr


All puppies are well, gaining weight and with their young mother taking care of them wonderfully :)

ZORFIN COLT Dzika Banda became Polish Junior Champion

After winning on shows in Czestochowa (excellent I, Junior Winner, Best of Breed Junior, Best of Breed), Lodz (excellent I, Junior Winner, Best of Breed Junior), Rzeszow (excellent I, Junior Winner) and Sanok (excellent I, Junior Winner, Best of Breed Junior) Colt fulfilled the conditions needed for Polish Junior Champion title! Congratulations :)

Breeding plans



Ira is pregnant!

Ultrasound examination confirmed that she expects about 8 puppies that will born in the beggining of June :)

Breeding plans

On 04 of April Ira was mated with Finn, in three weeks we will know the results.





Next day I got the official results of Ira’s Degenerative myelopathy test with result DM – N/N, which means she’s genetically healthy and her progeny will receive only normal genetic material! :)

Ira is the first and only White Shepherd in Poland with such test and result!

Breeding plans

In the first half of 2012 I expect puppies from

J.Ch. Pl, Ch. PL, Poland Winner 2010
ICE IRA Dzika Banda


White Shepherd`s Club Junior Club Winner, Austrian Junior Winner,
Bavarian Winner 2008, Austrian Junior Champion, Austrian Champion,
German Club Champion, German Champion, Austrian Club Champion,
Austrian Winner 2010, BH, AD, SCHH 1, SCHH2, IPO 3

FINN vom Sutumer Grund

There will be no commonality in 5 generations!

Puppies pedigree

We still accept reservations!