Litter plans


Ira is pregnant!

In the middle of January 2014 we expect puppies from

ICE IRA Dzika Banda and Aron :)


Today we had a pleasure to entertain Baruch and Orna Tuval from Israel, owners of the Kfar-Ruppin kennel

Thank you for your visit in my kennel and  nice time spent in a wonderful company :)


Breeding plans



Sadly Zora is not pregnant. Next litter is planned for winter.


Litter plans


In the middle of summer 2013 we plan a litter from Multi-champions BELLA ZORA Biała Pasja i ROXBURRY RANGER van Vlerkensteijn. More info comming soon.

A blind person guide dog

On 10.10.2012 Vena (ZORFIN VENDETTA Dzika Banda) successfully passed formal exam and officially became a blind person guide. Congratulations for her owner, trainer and of
course for Venka herself! :)

Here’s short report about her in local TV:

Dzika Banda – beauty & utility ;)

On Saturday October 22 Pola (ICE ISMENA Dzika Banda) on Obedience competition in Powsin debuted in class 2 and took place 3/10 with result very good! Big  congratulations! :)


On the next day Rejs (ZORFIN COLT Dzika Banda) on sheepdogs of non-polish breeds Club Show in junior class took place 1 with result excellent and Junior Club Winner title! For dessert he became 4th Best in Show Junior!




One more, seventh Dzika Banda dog confirmed her working abilities – Brooklyn (COSA NOSTRA Dzika Banda) successfully passed preliminary tests and started trainings for a Search and Rescue dog :)

Photo by



I’m very proud of all my pupils and their owners :)

Kachada is waiting for a new home




The last boy from litter “K” is looking for a new home!



Obedience competition Wroclaw 01-02.09

One more success for a Dzika Banda dog!

In a two-day competition Pola (ICE ISMENA Dzika Banda) was starting in class 1, on the first day she took 6/11 place, graded excellent with 232 pts, on the second day she was graded excellent with 253 pts, took 1/10 place and became Wroclaw Winner 2012 in class 1!

Good job girls! :)


At the same time Rejs (ZORFIN COLT Dzika Banda) had a good fun on the Dog Diving competition where he took 7 place with the result of 6 meters!

You can see that here:


On the end of this successful weekend KIMAMA Dzika Banda went to her new wonderful home :)

Big thanks to all supporters of this amazing girl :)

The last free female!




A charming girl from litter “K” is looking for a new home.

10 weeks old on the photos.